Looking back at Windows 3.1

If you’ve used computers when you were really, and really young then you’ve probably used Microsoft Windows 3.x at one point. Well I don’t know about you, but I certainly watched movies like Casper and played games like Prince of Persia in my old enough PC and it came with Windows 3.1.

windows 3.1

This week, we had a vacation and in my leisure I started to think about the time when I used computer for the first time. Well time turned a little nostalgic as I thought about the buck load of games that came with Windows 3.1. Time would surely pass fast when playing those games. So I decided to give those games and Windows 3.1 a try.

But as it turns out, Windows 3.1 is not that famous among modern computers and I had a pretty hard time trying to figure out how to set it up on my computer. And when I was finally done with it, I found it rather easy too. So if you also want to give the good ol’ OS a try, here is how:


Well there was a way to setup windows 3.1 as your actual OS, but believe me your PC won’t be happy with it. So let’s just set this one via DOSBOX. Download it here:

Get Windows 3.1

Even though Windows 3.1 is quite old for us, Microsoft is not yet ready to make it a freeware. So I can’t tell you how to get it. Try any source you can grab hold of! Good Luck!!!

Get Drivers

Well you can search for other drivers yourself; here are some important ones,

Graphics: http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7801769/s3drivers.zip

Soundblaster: http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7801769/SB16W3x.zip

Set Everything up

Mount Windows 3.1 ISO or copy the contents of drive (floppy ISOs) to a folder.

Make a folder “Windows 3.1” on C:

Install Dosbox in your system.

Open Dosbox options file.

Add this line at the end

                mount C: “C:\Windows 3.1”

                mount E: “<folder containing Windows 3.1 setup files”


Save and exit the file

Start Dosbox and run this command:


Follow the steps and exit Dosbox and end of the setup

Extract all drivers in their respective folders  inside “C:\Windows 3.1\Drivers”

Start Dosbox once again



Select display and choose last option and continue with the setup

Exit setup

Browse to folder where you put your sound driver

Run “install.exe”

Follow on-screen instructions and finish setup

Now change prompt to C:\Windows> and run


Now you are good to go with Windows 3.1. Enjoy!!! 

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