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“Who are we and why are we here?”, is a question that has been asked from the very dawn of human civilization under various contexts. Though highly profound and quite unanswerable at a philosophical level, we will try to answer this question in the context of our site itnepal.net.

We are perhaps best described as a group of technology enthusiasts. For the past few decades, Information Technology has been the fastest evolving and growing field. With new developments being made every day, it would not be an overstatement to say that this trend will continue at an even greater pace in the decades to come. As students of this mighty field, we like to think of ourselves as drops in a colossal ocean—an ocean of boundless possibilities and power. We follow the numerous happenings and progress in IT, and this site is where we share our interest and knowledge with other fellow technology enthusiasts.

We live in an age where it is impossible to imagine the day to day functions of the world without the use of technology. However, as citizens of Nepal, we also have to remember that there are places in our own country where people have never seen a television, let alone a computer or a mobile phone. It is a sad situation which can only be resolved by the overall development of our country. We are here to raise the technology awareness of the people of our country and this site caters to the specific needs of Nepalese technology market. We write about new products that hit the market, hot trends in technology, and also give an estimate when new technology of the west will hit the shelves in Nepal. Idealistic goals are hard to achieve, but it is our ideals that keep us going. In this regard, our grand goal is to help reduce the difference in technological awareness among the various sectors of people in Nepal.

However, we are not limited by nation. Our posts are generally interesting reads for visitors across the globe. We work tirelessly to produce quality articles for our visitors. In doing so, we believe we are enriching our own supply of knowledge in addition to our visitors’. We are passionate about technology and hope that we can make this passion infectious by means of our articles. From game reviews to gadget prices, from IT colleges to online discussion forums, you can find it all here on itnepal.net.

We are nothing without you, our dear visitors. So, if you like our articles, please be kind enough to leave a comment. We highly value your comments, suggestions and general interaction. You may use or share our articles in any way you like. However, please be kind enough to mention our URL as a citation of the source. You can also get updates to our articles via the RSS feed or by liking us on Facebook. Please visit the archives to see a list of all our articles. Happy reading and surfing!

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10 thoughts on “About Us

  1. hey Ashish bro,
    i am in great confusion..i currently study in grade 12 , science,physical group…i am deeply attached to computer world..bt i am confused about the subject after 12..is IT and computer engineering different subject? which one is better? and which subjects are to be prepared for the entrace examination for both? n whats best clg for it in nepal? i started learning computers when i was at grade 6..i have average knowledge about web designing(html,css),programming like..qbasic,c..what should i choose? please help me!

    • hey Shoaib,
      Computer Engineering and Information Technology are analogous in different ways. I would rather say Computer Engineering a part of Info and Tech. IT has a background of different applications of communication gadgets and implementation. When talking about IT, it covers a wide range Disciplines like Communication, network , software and hardware. IT targets on applications and set up of all these disciplines to establish a greater and desired System.
      Computer engineering, on the other hand is about understanding the cores of platforms on which applications run. It deals with the formation of algorithms, logical implementation and development of sophisticated computing environment as far as possible.

      Shortly i would say engineering is a core on which IT systems can be implemented. For eg, the user who uses php, CSS, HTML etc to set up some systems is under IT. while the compiler to these languages, platforms etc comes under compter engineering.
      Engineering is more technical degree and has more value.

  2. hey bro,
    i currently study in +2 level..science stream,,physical group ..is IT and computer engineering different subjects? and which subjects are to be prepared for the entrance examination for each..

  3. I am a commerce student in 11. Since class 8 i am studiying Computer i am good at HTML, CSS, C++ but i ain’t a science student can i study Computer Engineering after +2 completion.Buddy please help me

  4. I completed my +2 in management stream. I am final year (3rd) student in Bsc(hons) in computing and information system in softwarica. Can i apply for engineering in information technology after that for masters?

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