Best Adsense Alternatives for Nepali and Indian Publishers

Google Adsense is probably the best PPC network in the internet. It is popular among publishers all over the world for high CPC rates. But, it is very easy to get an adsense account and very easy to lose one. Google is very picky with new websites and is very strict towards websites that do not comply with their policies.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that there isn’t any adsense alternative that can compete with adsense. All of the other advertising networks pay fairly less than google adsense. However if you are banned from adsense or if you don’t have an adsense account, you can try these ad networks to turn your website traffic into cash. The best adsense alternatives for publishers in nepal and india are :



Infolinks is a very popular adsense alternative, especially among bloggers. It displays in-text ads in your website. So, websites having huge text content like blogs and forums are best suited for this network. Infolinks accept even low traffic websites. Unlike google adsense, you have to register every website in which you like to put their ads. They also display “intag” and “inframe” ads. What we like about infolinks is that it pays monthly with a minimum payout of 50$ via paypal. The minimum threshold for bank transfer or western union is 100$. You can also get your own international debit card (via payoneer) to get your income. You can use both adsense and infolinks in the same website. So, it can be used as a supplement in your website income.



Chitika is another great adsense alternative. Although they mainly focus for visitors in USA, UK and Canada, the CPC for indian and nepalese visitors is fairly satisfactory. Chitika recently partnered with Yahoo to deliver mobile ads. You can use chitika ads alongside google adsense as they are not contextual and they don’t look like adsense ads. You can setup both chitika and adsense in your website to increase your income. Unlike adsense, the ads displayed are not related to the content of the page but rather related to the search term that was used by the user to reach your website. Chitika offers two payment options: PayPal payments and payments by Check. Your account needs to accumulate the minimum amount of $10.00 for PayPal and $50.00 for checks before a payment is sent.



Bidvertiser is a quite matured ad network which has been around since 2003. Bidvertiser is easier than adsense to get in. Bidvertiser ensures that only the highest paying ads are displayed in your website. Similar to chitika, they have minimum payout of 10$ via paypal. There are other options too like  Skrill, MoneyBookers, Western Union cheque or by wire. Payment is done 30 days after you have reached your threshold amount. 

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    • I tried qadabra once. I used it in a site in which I used to get about 10/12 clicks daily( adsense clicks). But after 2/3 days, the clicks count was still zero. So, i stopped using it.

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