Summary of internet service provided by worldlink:


It is volume based cable internet which can provide 10Mbps upload or download speed simultaneously! For this the user is supposed to purchase a particular package that comes with data transfer volume (GB) valid for a certain period. Once the data transfer volume is finished, the internet access is changed to 128kbps unlimited for the remaining validity period.So, even after finishing the data transfer volume,the Internet access is not disrupted.Unlike wireless service, The bandwidth is dedicated from home to their server.So there is no sharing ratio which results in faster internet.To check the monthly charges for this service click from the official site here. The table below shows the monthly charge.

Data Transfer Volume (GB)
20 30 40 60 90 120 240 360 480
Charge in Rs. 1100 1500 1800 3150 4350 5250 12000 15600 18600
Validity 1 month 3 months 12 months
Per GB Cost in Rs. 55.00 50.00 45.00 52.50 48.33 43.75 50.00 43.33 38.75

Cable Unlimited Plans
It is similar to the Cable ZOOOM in terms of the connection but it is a unlimited plan with no volume restriction.It has a sharing ratio of 1:10 (Which can be roughly be considered as the one internet connection being shared among 10 users). Click here to know the monthly charge from the site. The table below shows the monthly charge.

Cable Standard (256/256 kbps) Cable+ Premium (512/512 kbps)
1 month Rs. 1,000 1 month Rs. 1,500
3 months Rs.
3 months Rs.
12 months Rs.
12 months Rs.

Both of the cable connection requires a installation charge which includes a 100 mtrs of cable. The extra cable cost is calculated as per the company ‘s rate.


Corporate Wireless


Wireless modems are installed at the premises of the clients who have a clear line of sight to the WorldLink’s Access Points (AP) located at various places. These modems operate on a non-standard frequency band (commonly used frequency band is 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz), which reduces the chances of interference from other wireless equipment.The quality and capacity of data transfer and Internet browsing will depend upon the subscribed bandwidth. There are various ranges of bandwidth that can be chosen according to the user’s need and requirement.

Wi-ZOOOM Wireless

User can choose among the following plan:

-Wi-ZOOOM+ Unlimited Premium: Wi-ZOOOM+ Unlimited Premium is designed for small businesses and SMEs having 5-6 computers/users.It is 512 kbps connection with sharing ratio 1:10.

-Wi-ZOOOM+ Unlimited Delight: Wi-ZOOOM+ Unlimited Delight is designed for small or home based business and household users having 3-4 computers. This package is ideal for users who need to stay online for a long duration every day.It is 1 mbps connection with sharing ratio 1:10.

-Wi-ZOOOM Lite Premium: Wi-ZOOOM+ Unlimited Delight is designed for small or home based business and household users having 3-4 computers.It is a 512 mbps connection with sharing ratio 1:6.

-Wi-ZOOOM Lite Delight:Wi-ZOOOM Lite Delight is designed for small or home based business and household users having 5-6 computers. This package is ideal for users who need to stay online for a long duration every day.It is a 1 mbps connetion with sharing ratio 1:6.

Wi-ZOOOMe Unlimited Standard

Wi-ZOOOMe Wireless is the best internet package for home users.It has 256 kbps connection with sharing ratio 1:10.

The table below summarizes the wireless plans:

Compare Wi-ZOOOM+ Unlimited Premium Wi-ZOOOM+ Unlimited Delight Wi-ZOOOM Lite Premium Wi-ZOOOM Lite Delite Wi-ZOOOMe Unlimited Standard
Speed & Sharing Ratio 512 kbps 1:10 1 Mbps 1:10 512 kbps 1:6 1 Mbps 1:6 256 kbps 1:10
1 month cost 1900 3000
3 month cost 3500
6 month cost 9000 12000 6600
12 month cost 15600 21600 1200

Click here to download the latest price list from the official site.

The following step summarizes the installation step for installing wireless internet connection:

Equipment and Installation

  • Antenna (to be mounted on your roof)
  • Pipe to mount the antenna (if required)
  • Cat 5/Ethernet cable to connect the antenna to your workstation/s or Router
  • Mount the antenna on your roof (using the pipe, if necessary) and run a Cat 5 cable from your roof to your computer. No other wiring is necessary.
  • Configure the Internet Connection Settings on your computer/router. No other configuration is required.

Steps to your installation

  1. Once they receive your order, an installer will contact you to schedule a time at your convenience, for the installation, anytime from Sunday through Friday. Each installation takes around 1 hour approximately.
  2. The installer will confirm that you qualify for the service and will consult you for the placement of the antenna.
  3. Mount the pole and antenna.
  4. Run a Cat-5 cable from the antenna and connect it to the Ethernet port on your computer or the Router.
  5. Configure the settings on your computer or the router.
  6. The installer will provide a short demonstration and answer any queries you may have.
  7. They also provide you with the Router or Network Card should you require them.

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