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With the android market share reaching nearly 80% globally, Nepal has also seen a huge surge in the number of android users. Being open source and easy to embed in most hardware, android mobile phones range from cheap phones to the market leaders. Following it’s popularity, the number of Nepali applications on android is also increasing rapidly. Here, we have tried to list some of the most popular Nepali Android applications.




Load Shedding+ is an app that helps you to access the load shedding schedule of any region in Nepal. It features both Nepali and English language. It’s description in play store is as follow

* Schedule for FarWest Nepal (Attariya Grid) Included
* 100% AD FREE SCHEDULE (No annoying ads at all)
* Highly CUSTOMIZABLE notifications.
* SELECT CUSTOM SOUND for Notification
* NEW UI with Left <-> Right Sliding pages for groups.
* AUTO UPDATE Routine feature
* Better Search Experience
* Fast Loading time with no unwanted background tasks.
* Share Schedule feature Added : Share schedule through email, sms, google+, facebook, twitter, and more…
* Social network feeds . See what other people are saying about loadshedding on Twitter.

Load Shedding + is a free schedule app for load shedding as issued by Nepal Electricity Authority. ( NEA ). The best Nepali app that includes latest schedule and information about various groups from Kathmandu valley and outside with pleasing look and feel. Newly added language settings feature supports Nepali (Devnagari Script) Loadshedding Schedule in all devices. This is must have app for android Nepali users in living Nepal or abroad. This is not only a load shedding schedule Calendar but alsoa perfect android companion, this application includes Flashlight module for using your smartphone as a torch during dark hours of load shedding. You can now share the schedule as a picture using Bluetooth, Facebook, Twitter etc.

[ Special thanks to the users who suggested various changes in the app. I have tried to keep the app updated according to the suggestions and recommendations. Your feedback will make the the app better. ]

* This is not an official app from Nepal Electricity Authority , however the developer will try to keep the schedule as accurate as possible.

As mentioned in the description, it is not the official app from NEA. But, the interface is lots better than the NEA app. You can download Load shedding+ from here.

Nepali Patro

Nepali Patro

Nepali Patro

Nepali Patro is another useful Nepali Android app. You can view and convert Nepali Calendar. It also includes festivals and other events in the calendar. Nepali Patro’s description in play store is

Nepali Patro – Calendar for Nepali People –

Key Features:
– Nepalipatro viewable in both Nepali Unicode and English language
– Widgets:
1×1 – Displays Bikram Sambat month, date and Nepal time NST
1×4 – Displays Bikram Sambat date, day, Nepal time NST, tithi and event for the day
2×4 – Same as 1×4 with upcoming major events countdown
– Date conversion between Bikram Sambat (BS) and Iswi Sambat (AD)
– Lastest foreign exchange, source: Nepal Investment Bank
– Daily statusbar notification at 6:00 AM NST

NOTE: If you use task killer app, put this app to the ignore list otherwise widget might not function properly like clock on widget might stop ticking.

If you find errors in Nepali Patro, we will be more than happy to get mails about the issue and FIX IT ASAP.

Email: [email protected]

Nepali Patro intends to improve this application for a social cause. Nepali dates, events and festivals be remembered and promoted using this tool – so we envision this application not only as a static calendar but an interactive tool where user themselves can contribute to the Nepalese society by providing information on Nepalese events/festivals or by organizing events and promoting them.

You can download Nepali Patro from here.

KTM Taxi Meter

Tired of paying huge amount of fare to taxi drivers who always have excuse of damaged meter? Try KTM Taxi Meter. This application will use your phone’s GPS to determine your location and calculate the distance you have travelled. Then, it will calculate the amount of fare that you will have to pay to the driver according to the current rate.

KTM Taxi Meter

KTM Taxi Meter

KTM Taxi Meter’s description in play store is

We may have been cheated many times by taxi drivers. Have we ever been satisfied by the amount they charge us? Don’t we think some taxi drivers try to take more money from us than the actual amount?

We bring you KTM TAXI METER which simply acts as virtual meter of the taxi. This app gives the exact cost of travel based on the rates given by the government of Nepal by using the GPS and Google Maps to trace the path of the travel.

Start the app whenever you get into the taxi and stop it whenever you reach your destination. It gives the exact travel cost.


You can download KTM Taxi Meter from here

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