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Last week, Ncell announced a new offer for its users: Ncell Unlimited Internet. Renowned for providing super-fast, super-expensive volume-based internet packages, Ncell seems to have stepped into the unlimited internet market with this latest deal. Tired of having to worry about the data consumed all the time, we’ve all been waiting for an unlimited internet package from Ncell. And now, it’s finally here!

However, is it a good idea to jump on the bandwagon and buy this package right away? In this article, we’re going to explore this new offer in detail and give you our verdict on whether this deal is worth your money. So, keep reading!

On the surface, Ncell’s offer sounds quite attractive: First, you buy a certain amount of data which you can use at super-fast 3G speeds. Once you’ve used up all that data, you still get to surf the internet for a certain amount of time, albeit at a reduced speed.

Sounds cool, right? But here’s the catch: The “reduced speed” that you get once you’ve gone past your data package is a mere 32 Kbps. This is a far cry from the nearly 3.6 Mbps that you get within your data limit. To put it into perspective, the difference is similar to reducing your salary from Rs. 1 lakh per month to less than Rs. 100 per month!

True to its reputation, Ncell continues to overprice its data packages. According to Ncell’s official website (as of February 7, 2014), you can get 1 GB of data for Rs. 699, 5 GB for Rs. 1999 and 10 GB for Rs. 2999. These rates are exclusive of taxes, which means you can expect to pay 13% to 15% more during your actual purchase.

Ncell has made it quite easy to buy the data. You can do it from the comfort of your own bed with a simple SMS. After making sure that you have plenty of balance on your phone, simply SMS “1 GB”, “5 GB”, or “10 GB” to 17125. This triggers the recurring subscription, which means that the system automatically renews your subscription every month.

This “recurring” nature of the subscription could prove a bit inconvenient, as most users want control on whether or not to buy the package for the next month. So, to purchase a pack on a one-time basis, add “1” to the message. For example, “1GB 1” is the code for a one-time subscription of 1 GB of data. As the name suggests, this is not automatically renewed once the month is over.

Bear in mind, though: if you use the one-time subscription and do not finish up all your data within the allocated time (30 days), Ncell will gobble up your remaining data, and all you can do is cry until your tears fill up a bucket.

The good news(?) is that they do transfer the remaining data to the next month when you use recurring subscription.

Now, I must confess that I haven’t personally tried this unlimited package offered by Ncell, but 32 Kbps seems like a slap in the face, especially after the blazing speeds offered when within the data package. It’s as if Ncell doesn’t want you to use the internet once the data pack is over. The difference in speeds is just absolutely devastating.

Ncell is like a drug dealer. First, it gets you hooked on breathtaking 3G speeds. As with all good things, you start getting used to it. As long as your data lasts, Ncell is your friend.

Then, one day, when you least suspect it, your data package runs out. “That’s fine! I can still use the internet,” you tell your oh-so-naive self. Then, you actually try using the internet, and are suddenly filled with a powerful urge to throw your device out of the window and bang your head against the wall repeatedly. It’s almost as if Ncell is mocking you for not having enough money to buy more 3G data!

The only way this can be useful is to use the internet in two phases: When within your data limit, use it to surf the internet on your computer. Once you’ve run out of data, use it on your cellphone. If you’re anything like me, this means you’re going to have a brief download spree on your computer followed by a full month of agonizingly slow internet on your cellphone.

So, if anyone’s feeling brave this month, please try out this new scheme. Then, post your review in the comments section of this article. I’d especially like to know your experience after the data package runs out.

Note: If anyone wants to sponsor one month of this package for me in the interest of Science, I’d be more than happy to accept. 

Ashish Acharya

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29 thoughts on “Ncell Unlimited Internet

  1. Dear Aashish
    ¤ Thank you for your crystal clear details.. Appreciated brother
    ¤ Before i bought 2 times 1 GB pack with dialed ” 1 GB ” to *99097# and next with send message “1 GB”to 9909
    ¤ Now Ncell saying send message “1GB 1” ( coz im not intend to auto renew ) to 17125… Is all sounds same or there a difference ???
    ¤ I guess im not confuse but just wanna confirm brother coz its a matter of huge amount and dont wanna go wrong
    ¤ I like the way you write your articles.. so catchy and understandable… You always makes people feels so easy
    ¤ Have a good day brother

    • Thank you very much for your kind words.

      I’m not sure, but I think 17125 is reserved by Ncell for the new Unlimited Internet offer.

  2. Dear Aashish
    Hi How you doing ???
    once again i came here with my Cellphone problem
    Im having Nokia E7 and it is ” made in Finland ”
    Im using this cellphone from last 2 and half years continuously
    now a day charging problem occurs
    somehow i manage to charging my cellphone till now but it seems like going to damage so soon
    there is another port called ” HDMI “.. What is that and can i charge from there also ???
    i checked so many solutions in google and get some idea from there
    do you have any idea about this problem ??
    If then please refer me
    i will be thankful to you
    have a good day brother

    • The HDMI port is there so you can connect HD televisions to your phone. So, you can’t use it for charging.

      If your phone’s battery doesn’t last as long as it used to, perhaps it’s time to purchase a new battery. Since you’ve had your phone for 2.5 years, it’s very possible that the battery is damaged due to continuous usage.

      If the charging port itself is damaged, I think it would be best if you got your phone serviced by a professional.

      Best of luck!

  3. Dear Aashish
    * Just got new cellphone Samsung Galaxy duos ace GT – S6802
    * Used ( 2nd hand but in good condition ) and got it as a gift
    * I must say this is my very 1st android phone but have got some knowledge about cellphones
    * I successfully installed all apps which i needed and its working
    * Im facing the problem is like when i put my sim ( Ncell sim which i was using with my old cellphone and its having unlited data ) to the samsung.. Some apps running behind and deduct from my main balance despites of my data package ( which i already have and its enough to run )
    * I did some changes in setting and hopefully it won’t happen again
    * Brother will you plz tell me some technical setting for only consume data in any condition ( not from the balance – incase of have enough data to be use )
    * If anyother technical suggestions for my android cellphone.. That would be just like smells on gold
    * Plz kindly tell me about GPS also ( what exactly it is ???.. Should i have to turn it on or off ( green mark light )
    * Plz brother.. If you have any kind of technical suggestion… Want you to refer me kindly
    * I will be thankful to you
    * You always be so loyal and inspirational
    * Appreciates all your referance.. Truly from the heart
    * Hope you got me what im trying to say
    * But feels sorry for long text
    * Hope you gonna read all this text intentionally
    * Bye brother.. Have a good day

    • If you’re worried about background apps hogging your data plan I suggest following measures:
      1. Identify the apps that do so.. (hopefully you already have this figured out). If not you can use this app.
      2. You can use Greenify to hibernate those apps and stop them from running in the background.
      3. Or you can use a firewall to block those apps from ever accessing gprs/3g data plans altogether. If your device is rooted, use Android Firewall. There’s also NoRoot Firewall that could get the job done.

      GPS helps pinpoint your physical location on map. This is used by maps most commonly to show you your location. There are many other uses. Facebook uses gps on your device so you can share your location.
      You turn it on or off as per your need. It does consume battery though, so I’d suggest you turn it off and only enable it when you are using maps and such.

  4. Dear Aashish
    * Sorry.. I Forgot to ask you about why always shows some apps or system regular.. Feels like force to must download .. Which is useless and much battery consumer
    * How it can be deactivate.. I mean not to shown again
    * Its giving an extra headache to me
    * Im hoping and expecting much from you for an effective refreance
    * Im just a very fresh android user
    * If any extra tips besides of this then that would be great brother
    * Bye and have a good night

    • I’m not sure I understand you correctly but if you’re referring to updates of default apps (bloats) you can disable them(those apps).
      On my phone I can do this under Settings > Apps > Select the app > Disable
      This will hide the app from the app drawer as well as disable their updates.
      You can also turn off auto updating in the playstore itself. Go to Playstore Menu> Settings> Turn off ‘Auto-update apps’

  5. Dear Aashish
    and Shashwat as well
    * i followed ur suggested apps link and installed and its working and not having any problem after the day
    * as i told you now im having 2 cellphone ( 1 is duos ) so i can use 3 sim cards at the same time
    * with in couple of days im gonna have data sim card ( from dad which already have remaining balance around 300 rupees like he said )
    * i can get rid of buying expensive data pack for sometimes unless its not get finish
    * im having really mix feeling how im gonna use all this in appropriate way
    * ok… How do i use and how does it works and more.. Can you plz explain me in details brother
    * i feel good to hear from you as always
    * ” you guys are always been so kind fantatic and so loyal … I do not feel hesitate to share my problems reagrding cellphone network with you guys
    * Plz remains always the same… Me with everybody appreciates u guys truly from the heart
    * Thankx and have a good day brother

    • As always, thank you for your positive feedback.

      I would suggest you add some balance to your data SIM and buy a data pack. Don’t use the internet without a pack as that would cost a lot more. Try and find out if Ncell still sells data packs with an unlimited duration. If they do, that would be the best option.

  6. Dear Aashish
    hi hello brother
    * 1st and foremost – i feel shame and hearty apologies for asking you ramdomly frequently so many cellphone problem occurs with me
    * Im not playing fool around you honestly brother and cant dare to do so
    * ok… I didnt do anything with my galaxy duos as i know and suddently SD memory card 8GB stops working and display SD card sign on top of bar near battery meter network meter ( it sign showing SD card sing with ! )
    * Hope u got me what im trying to say
    * ok… My SD card was running good w/o interrupting but which is the things goes wrong that its stops working
    * i visited near by mobile care shop and the guy told me its discarded already and unable to use further.. I cant affort to buy another SD card its expensive so
    * Ok brother.. What u suggest me brother
    * Can i get my lost SD card back magically with your kind helpful suggestions
    * If not then what would i do next… Im scared to buy another SD card when its suppose to auto discarded then
    * plz brother do some favour like always
    * Thankx brother and have a good day
    * Looking forward to hear some positive response from you soon

    • Here at ITNepal, we welcome your feedback and queries. So, please don’t feel any hesitation when putting your questions to us.

      If your phone has discarded your SD card, there are only three possibilities: either your SD card is damaged, or your phone’s SD card slot is damaged, or some setting on your phone is causing the problem. To check whether your SD card still works, try it in your other phone. That will either confirm or rule out the first possibility. Similarly, you might try another SD card in your phone just to see if it works. If both those possibilities are ruled out, try resetting your device to see if the SD card works with the original settings.

      I’ve never dealt with this issue, so I’m not sure if I was able to help. In any case, please try doing the above in order to diagnose the problem.

  7. what does wallet balance refers to in NT ADSL web-care under sevice properties…And sometimes ADSL internet doesnt expire I mean it works after the expiry date also(sometimes)…

  8. I love your article. I just bought a data modem and a card plus 500 MB subscription from Ncell. It was quite costly and I spent the 500 MB in no time. Moreoevr to my horror I found (too late) that it cannot be used as Wi-Fi. Ncell needs to update their FAQs page.
    You’re right: Ncell is like a drug pusher but our dear NTC is inefficient, irresponsible and unconcerned and dirt cheap. Ke garne!

    • Indeed. We need a middle ground. NTC does seem to be getting better with its mobile data services, though. So, I guess there is some hope for the future.

  9. Hello,
    I will be staying a couple of months in KTM and I need a reliable and fast internet connection so I can work from my computer. This would take about 1’5GB a week. I understand that Ncell is expensive but what worries me most is: Will it really work as promised?

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