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Are you passionate about technology? Do you like solving problems? Do you have a deep ambition to create something new and change the world? If you answered yes to these questions, computer engineering is the career path for you. This article is all about computer engineering in Nepal and its scope. So, keep reading!

Unlike its hardware counterpart (Electronics and Communication Engineering), computer engineering focuses completely on software. Throughout their four years of university education, computer engineering students learn about the general design, creation, and maintenance of system as well as application software. With a deep focus on software algorithms and coding, this branch of engineering is certainly challenging and fun if you have a deep interest in, and passion for, computers.

Why study computer engineering?

Computer engineering can indeed be a very fruitful field for those who know their way around it. Here are some reasons why:

Financial Security:

There are records of Nepali computer engineers finding jobs in companies as large as Microsoft and Google. There are also professionals of this field who earn lakhs every month working right here in Nepal. Moreover, there is a widely held belief that computer engineering students are the quickest in getting a job as soon as they finish their university education. Furthermore, the chances of finding a part time job or internship even during one’s university days is very high as compared to other branches of engineering.


If you are one of those people who don’t like working for others and want to be self-employed, no other branch of engineering comes even close to offering the sort of self-employment opportunities that computer engineers get. From making money by blogging, to creating websites for business owners; from providing billing software for schools, to selling useful apps for mobiles, these are all opportunities that a capable computer engineer can get after or even before getting a degree.

Job Satisfaction:

Most computer engineering students will tell you that they can’t even imagine studying any other branch of engineering. This is because most students who choose computer engineering choose it because of their deep passion for the world of software and technology. Being able to work in the field that one has passion for is a gratifying experience in itself. Moreover, when a piece of software that you created changes the way a person worked, and makes that person’s life a little bit better, it is the most satisfying moment of a computer engineer’s life.

Value to society:

This is the age of technology. Today technology has entered every facet of day to day life. It is no longer possible to imagine the world without technology. Computer engineers play a great role in the innovation and progress of modern technology. The technological progress of a country and contribution of the country to the global technological phenomenon depends almost entirely on the computer professionals there. So, when one considers the big picture, computer engineers are a very important pillar of the modern society.

Is computer engineering for you?

Not everybody who dives into computer engineering manages to become a successful professional. Due to this, the very image of computer engineers has become a bit tarnished as far as Nepal is concerned. So, before deciding to study computer engineering, a student must think deeply about his/her interests and aptitude.

The following questions must be pondered over:

  • Do you have a passion for computers and technology as a whole?
  • Do you like solving puzzles and having to think in an original way?
  • Do you prefer subjects where you have to think for yourself to those involving memorization and understanding of fixed subject matter?
  • Would you be willing to work for 8 hours a day in front of a computer screen?
  • Have you learned any type of programming language? If so, do you like programming and see yourself as a computer programmer in the future?
  • Are you willing to be a student throughout your life in order to stay updated with the ever-changing world of technology?

If your answer to these questions was a resounding “yes”, then come aboard! The amazing world of software awaits you.

For those who manage to become successful in this field, the rewards and possibilities are simply boundless. The sky is the limit. In fact, many of the world’s leading billionaires are related to the field of technology. Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft, and Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, are perhaps the most common examples.

Computer engineering as a field is always evolving and changing. Unlike the more traditional branches of engineering, which change very slowly and are more or less static, computer engineering is extremely dynamic. So, it is a field for innovators and thinkers. So, if you want to ride the technology train; if you desire to make a difference; if you have an ambition to become an innovator, computer engineering is definitely the path for you.

If you want to learn more about computer engineering in Nepal, please read the comments on this article and other articles in our archives. 

Ashish Acharya

About Ashish Acharya

I am a student of Computer Engineering. I love games of logic such as chess and Baghchal. I also love writing.

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  1. Can you tell me the full paid fee of reading computer engineering in private colleges?

    • Depends on the college. Without any scholarship, it ranges from 6 lakhs to 8 lakhs. But most people get at least some scholarship, based on their IOE results.

  2. Thanks Mr.Ashish Acharya for writing this article.I found it very helpful and informative.
    I’m currently studying in Grade 12 and I want to be a Network Engineer and work as an Ethical Hacker after getting necessary certifications like CCNA and CEH.I want to know whether IOE provides this course or not? If it provides this course,does it come under Computer Engineering or Electronics and Communications Engineering?

  3. Hi I m currently reading in 11 and board exam is coming. I plan to study Computer engineering after 12. I have some basic skills of HTML, CSS, JAVA Script and python.
    Do you think i can be a good programmer and can build softwares. I have tried some using HTML in windows 8 store via Visual studio. The games that i built is far more good ( in Graphics) than others who uploaded through MIC Nepal. But i don’t have any knowledge of C,C++ etc. What should i do since computer is my passion ?

    • I am happy to learn that you have already done a considerable amount of programming. Obviously, you are interested in the field and should definitely get into either Computer Engineering or CSIT. As for C and C++, the syntax is very much similar to JavaScript, so you need not worry. I’m sure your learning curve will be very smooth. Get a good book for C++ programming (for example Robert Lafore’s) and just study the parts which seem unfamiliar (pointers, references, classes, objects, inheritance, and stuff like that). With your previous programming experience, these things should immediately click, and you’ll be an expert in no time.

      Best of luck for your exams!

  4. hello sir ! i have just completed my slc examination. i am thinking of doing diploma in computer science & eng. in banglore(acharya institute). what is your opinion about it? since i belong to normal middle class family, can i do part time job if i study this subject while studying B.E course? do i need laptop of my own while doing diploma course? what is differnces between reading 2 for B.E and doing diploma for B.E? should i start any computer course during my vacation?

    • 1. Computer Science diploma in Bangalore. What is your opinion about it?
      Bangalore is very good for IT. However, I don’t know much about the difference between diploma and B.E. I know that a diploma takes a shorter period of time for completion and that it does not earn you the title of “engineer”. So, if I were you, I’d go with the +2 Science and B.E. route.

      2. Can i do part time job if i study this subject while studying B.E course?
      You can. However, you’ll have to manage your time properly between study and work.

      3. Do i need laptop of my own while doing diploma course?
      Yes, you will. Maybe it’s not absolutely necessary at first, but trust me, eventually you’re going to want your own laptop to learn and try things out.

      4. What is the difference between reading 2 for B.E and doing diploma for B.E?
      I don’t know much about the syllabus for a diploma degree. I suggest you get detailed information about this before committing to anything.

      5. Should i start any computer course during my vacation?
      Indeed, you should. You can study on your own without visiting an institute. If you need resources, we’ll point you in the right direction. However, if you do decide to visit some institute, make sure to fully understand beforehand what they’ll be teaching you and how it will help you boost your programming skills .

        • It depends on what language you want to start with. You might consider starting with C, as you’ll have to study it in the 1st semester of engineering. Byron Gottfried’s book is good. The VTC video tutorials are excellent as well, although quite old.

  5. Do you think BSc IT is a good course? It is more expensive than CE but the paygrade and jobs offers for IT students is very low

    • The course certainly seems more job-oriented rather than theoretical. I know very little about the difference in pay grade between computer engineers and IT graduates. My personal opinion is that skills should determine pay scale, not degrees or grades.

  6. i love computer and programming but my question is. completing com engineering of to how much salary could i get of my job and how much difficult is in finding job?

    • IT is a booming field, so if you have the certifications and skills, you should have no problem landing a good job. If nothing else, you can always do some freelancing online.

  7. I want to Study IT but from what i’ve heard IT students from Nepal cannot get a proper Job with a decent salary. I have a keen interest in Programming but i don’t like studying a lot of theories which are in Computer Engineering. I am really confused

    • Hmm..if you think you can survive the theories, I feel computer engineering would be a good degree. You should definitely look into the syllabus for both these fields and make an informed decision. I personally chose computer engineering because it’s more reputed and there is a clear path to get a scholarship in a good college.

  8. I have got aggregate of 62% in my +2 result. If i pass the IOE exam will i be accepted in the Private Engineering College for Computer Engineering? Plz reply soon I don’t want to waste my 1 year.

    • Your +2 score doesn’t really matter; what matters is your score in the IOE entrance examination. If you do well there, you could get into any TU-based engineering college, even Pulchowk.

  9. I have just appeared in SLC exam this year n i am interested in computer engineering . so what should i do fo iT nepal.

  10. hello sir ! i want to know that +2 padhera B.E gareko ramro ki diploma garera?

    • It will be better if you go into B.E. with a +2 background. As I understand it, Diploma does not have as much a theoretical footing as +2 Science does, which means you might find it very difficult to study these concepts from scratch during your B.E.

  11. ashish what have u studied? are u employed and where andwhat is uour salary

    • I am currently a student of computer engineering. I don’t feel comfortable discussing my job and salary on a public blog.

  12. Hello Ashish,

    I have recently developed windows store apps in HTML5 and i wonder if it would be of any use for computer engineering. What other languages should we study in BE except C and C++ ?

    And i also wanted to ask what kind of language PYTHON is ? iIhave heard a lot about it. Is it better than C++ since Havard and MIT are focusing it. Is is better for beginners to start programming with python ?

    • Python is easy to learn, has a cleaner syntax than C++, and is suitable for small projects. Admittedly, I personally haven’t done a project in Python yet, but I do know the syntax to a certain degree, and found it very clean and easy to use.

      C and C++ are pretty much the only languages you’ll learn during your B.E — C as a primer to general procedural programming, and C++ as a primer to object oriented programming. After that the courses focus more on enhancing your knowledge about programming in general, than on learning new languages. Subjects such as Theory of Computation, Data Structures and Algorithms, Discrete Structures, Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Object Oriented Analysis and Development, etc.are scattered throughout the various semesters. Plus, you’ll be doing several projects as well, including a minor project in the 6th semester and a major project in the 8th semester.

      The logic behind focusing on programming principles rather than on new languages, as my seniors and teachers tell me, is that once you master these principles and techniques, shifting to any programming language will pose no problems whatsoever.

  13. ma aile 12 ko exam deko manxe malai computer engineer banna man xa but mero 11 ma 54 percent ako cha ani 12 ma bio + extra maths cha.malai maths hard lagxa maile yesko lagi k garna sakxu hola??

  14. how are the scope for good computer eng. in nepal and how much can they earn here?

    • The scope is ever increasing. The internet has made IT a global platform. I think it’s just a matter of developing a good set of skills, after which one should have no problem earning a decent salary.

  15. I have just finished +2 exams science (physical group). What should i do now to join these colleges?

    • Take the IOE entrance exams (and possibly the KU exams as well) in Bhadra. Try and get into Pulchowk campus, KU, or, at the very least, a good private engineering college. In the 3 months that you have, you could visit an institute such as PEA and SEA. I found the weekly tests very helpful in keeping me motivated. It may sound terribly difficult, but trust me, it’s just a matter of putting in the work one chapter at a time. Best of luck!

  16. sir i am a slc appeared student now and i am really interested in computer programming and i dream of being an IT professional… Could yu please suggest me wht subject should i choose while i will be studying science in grade 11 and 12??

  17. dear sir , humanities bat +2 ho ma private college bat vaya pani computer engineering study garane kin interest x , plz , advise me

  18. Aashish, these are the syllabus in Softwarica college Plz look into it and help me make the right decision BIT in softwarica is a 3 year course which costs around 7 lakhs. Should i join softlwatica or look for other IT colleges and join BSc CSIT?

    Contents in Syllabus of Softwarica

    Skills for Computing
    Computer Networks
    Computer Systems
    Office Solutions Development
    Designing and Developing a Website
    Software Development Techniques
    Designing and Developing Object-Oriented Computer Programs using JAVA
    Advanced JAVA

    Year 2
    (Awarded by NCC Education)
    International Advanced Diploma in Computing (120 Credit)
    Professional Issues in IT
    Dynamic Websites
    Agile Development
    Information Systems Analysis
    Computing Project
    Analysis, Design and Implementation
    Network Security and Cryptography
    Database Development & Design

    Year 3
    Delivered online by NCC Education and validated and awarded by the University of Central Lancashire.
    Bsc (Hons) in Business Computing and Information Systems

  19. Hello.!! Is it better to study Computer Engineering or IT ?? What are the main differences between them?? Please make it clear !!!

  20. i have study +2 in science …n studied math only in 11 class but not in class 12……can i get chances to study software engineering. ………….i wnt to study SE…because i am intrested in software field…

    • You can’t study computer engineering (or any other engineering for that matter) in any college under IOE, TU. You may have better luck with other universities and courses, though.

  21. I would like to know about a small matter. I was unable to attend my 11 English exam due to some sickness. Now I want to do Engineering. I have heard that we cannot attend the entrance exam in Pulchowk. Is that true? I don’t want to loss any times or years. What would you suggest me?

    • In my time, as long as one had a +2 Science transcript with at least 45%, and 200 marks of Math, one could take the IOE entrance exams. I don’t believe the rules have changed, though I encourage you to investigate further by calling up some authorities on the matter.

  22. Well I ve just completed my +2 in Science field. Since the time i got to know what a computer is, all my interest is on it. But the thing is I am not that much interested in Science. I studied it just for computer as I always thought about studying computer engineering. But later I heard about Csit. I am confused what should I choose. And even if i choose Csit, should I take any type of entrance preparation classes? Please tell me the difference between Cs and Csit. And what should i choose.

    • It is good that you’re entering the field out of interest. The choice between CSIT and computer engineering depends on whether or not you think you can survive a ton of Science and electronics subjects. I’ve recently written an article highlighting the differences between CSIT and computer engineering. You can read it here.

  23. I have just given my +2 (Science) exam and now i am preparing for Ioe entrance. But still i cannot decide what to read in future? I am thinking for doing IT. whats it’s scope in Nepal?

  24. Thanx for ur suggestion.
    I choose Csit.
    Can you please help me to find any institution that will help me for my entrance exam?

    • You’d have to go the diploma route. Not a good route if you ask me.

  25. I’ve completed my +2 exms and I am a Biology student; my subjects are Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English and Nepali.
    I have failed extra Math, but I want to study IT in Nepal. Is there any chance for me? What should I do for the admission? Should I join any classes for entrance preparation?

    • I don’t think IT has strict requirements about extra Mathematics. Computer engineering, on the other hand, does — at least for TU. So, you are not eligible for computer engineering in TU. You might have better luck with CSIT or computer engineering in some other university (NOT recommended).

    • +2 Science. With 200 marks of Mathematics (100 in 11, 100 in 12).

  26. ashish bro nepal ko eng. colleges ma lateral entry huncha ki hudeina ko lagi diploma gareko student le?

  27. hello sir….i have recently appeared my slc n have hope of passing it with distinction. my question is that i have strong interest in computer engineering and for that i completed html, access, tally and so on frm external institutions but now i m confused what should i study after slc whether i should study directly the 4-5 years computer engineering courses or +2 but the problem is i have strong desire to study computer engineering in abroad as soon as possible… please suggest me what should i do and what would be best for me !!!

    • Go for +2 here, and if you really want to go abroad, try it after +2. Or you could finish your Computer Engineering here and then try for abroad. The choice is yours.

  28. Should we read science for that?
    I haven’t done any bridge course for science in +2 ……
    how can i read science now for IT in future. I want ti be IT ??????
    help me

    • You don’t need to do any bridge course; they don’t do much anyways. Just join a good +2 Science college.

        • Nope. You don’t need to score 200 in Maths (though if you do, I’m sure that would be fine too.)
          The 200 marks in Maths refers to taking Mathematics in class 12 as well, either as extra Maths with Biology or as just Mathematics in the Physical group.

          • thank you sir
            plz clear some more quires..!!
            sir how hard would it be for an average student to read science with out any bridge course or any things in that gap till result!!!

          • Firstly, you don’t need to worry about not doing a bridge course. They don’t help much at all. I feel they’re an absolute waste of money.

            Secondly, I disagree with the notion of an “average student”. If you work hard and smart, you’ll be able to go through +2 Science quite easily. On the other hand, if you don’t put in the time, let’s just say it’s not going to be so easy. Simple as that. It doesn’t matter what your percentage in SLC is, nor does it matter if you do a bridge course; the only thing that will determine how you fare in your +2 is how you study in your +2 — which is, incidentally, the same with engineering. So, yeah, that’s my take on it, through experiences good and bad.

          • what happens if we choose Management choose major computer any scope in future
            I should give idea to a fren
            can u help me

          • Your friend can go for management-based IT courses such as BCA and BIM.

      • Because your question is so poorly framed that I failed to understand it even after multiple readings. I suggest you include more details in your question. Because you want to be in IT, I presume you’re familiar with the acronym GIGO.

        About your question, if you mean to ask whether you need to study Science to get into engineering or IT, the answer is yes.

  29. I have passed +2 from management which course would be better for me BIT BIM BCA from nepalese universities or BscIT from other universities.
    And could I be able to join MIT if i did BscIT

    • I’m sorry, I have no basis to compare these courses. I have not the slightest idea regarding the syllabus of any of the courses you’ve mentioned.

  30. i need a path that if i take science in +2 then which stream i need to go for computer engineering for future

    • If you’re sure that you want to study engineering and have no intention of going into something biology-related, then I suggest you join the Physical group, and skip Biology in grade 11 itself, opting for Computer Science instead. Then, do well in your +2 and your engineering entrance exams.

  31. can i get computer engineering after +2 completition without completition of IT study

  32. Hey brother, i’ve just taken my SLC examination last year and i’ve been programming since 8th grade. Now i’m fluent in many programming languages(PHP,Ruby,Python,Java etc.) and i wanna plunge deeper, but still there’s a huge obstacle ahead me that what should i do now ? Whether focus only in Computer or join +2 college (SCIENCE)? I’ve heard that in +2 level we can’t separate more time to compute so i’m literally screwed right now ; any suggestions ?

    • I’m happy to learn that you are extremely interested in programming. I’m sure you’ll do very well in the future. Nevertheless, you do need to complete your +2 before you can move on to engineering. Moreover, if you wish to ace the IOE entrace exams and get into Pulchowk, you’ll have to study quite well in your +2. Even after you get into engineering, you’ll have to study a whole lot of non-computer subjects.

      I’m pretty sure you enjoy coding and invest a lot of time and energy in it, but my advice to you is to separate some time for your +2 subjects as well.

  33. hello sir my aim is to be a computer engineer…….i have just appeared the slc and i just want to ask you that can we read the CE course by taking the management in nepal or we should take the science …..plz advice me but i have also heard that the student who doesnt take opt math in class 10 cannot read science ……and i am not the opt math student..

    • If you just want to code, the degree ultimately doesn’t matter. Teach yourself to code, and get a management-flavoured computer degree. No problemo.

  34. hlo sir i have jus apeard slc exam and my percentage in slc is 70% and i want to be computer engineer so what should i read in +2 management or science. And in which college and how much does it cost to read science for +2

    • Go for Science. I will not advertise any +2 college here. I’ll just say that in general the colleges that are toughest to get into are the best ones. Barring any scholarships, the tuition fees for +2 will probably be well over 1 lakh in total.

  35. Respected Sir,
    I just completed my Slc an i want to read information Technology (IT)in future sir can management student in +2 read information technology in future if yes which optional subject should i choose (maths or computer) in +2???

    • No, you need Science for CSIT. You can try other management-based computer courses.

  36. ma ahile 12 ko science faculty ko xam dehera baseko xu, maile. prepn class kunai pani leheko xaina, ,,malai computer enginner bani thulo sooch 6 ,,aba ma k garu

    • It’s simple: if you want to be a computer engineer, you have to get into a college that teaches computer engineering. To do that, you’re going to have take the entrance exams of the university that the college is affiliated to. In Nepal, the best ones are TU and KU. If you want to do well in the entrance exams, you’re going to need to prepare for it. Institutes help your preparation because they’re intimately familiar with the question pattern and the syllabus. So, joining an institute would be a good idea, though you can also do your preparations on your own. What I said may seem a bit obvious, but I’m just answering the question you posed.

  37. 12 dera baseko ho aaile ma,ma aba banglore ma computer engineering padxu … bt i don’t know about programming(qbasic,python,c,c++) i.e 12 samma computer, boarding & collz course ma padeko nai xaina.. so aba ma yo 2-3 month gap ma gharai basera programing sikna chahanxu jasle garda paxi malai garyo nahos.. so maile programing ko barema padnalai k garnu parxa?book bata padda ramro hunxa ki website bata? book bata hunxa bhane kun book,website bata or internet bata hunxa bhane kasari?plz help

    • I feel like I’ve answered questions very similar to this one multiple times. Please go through the previous comments.

  38. hlw sir i have passed slc examination and now i want to read computer engineering but iam in a middle class family. can u tell me how much money is needed to study this and can u tell me that which institute is best to do computer engineering and can i join it without reading science in +2 level scienc uis compulsory in +2 level to read computer engineering?

    • Here are some tentative fee structures:

      1. No scholarship/Private college: 6 to 8 lakhs
      2. Scholarship/Private college: 3 to 4 lakhs
      3. No scholarship/Pulchowk Campus: 2 to 3 lakhs
      4. Scholarship/Pulchowk Campus: Around 30000

      The amounts listed above are for the tuition fees for all 8 semesters of computer engineering. Of course, you can expect some minor variations, especially in the second point.

      No, you can’t do engineering without studying Science. I should probably write this in the blog itself with some super-huge bold font.

  39. I am very much passionate about computer and IT……………….now I am studying in class 10…..I want to be a computer programmer………i learned basic thing about C programming in class 9..and i enjoyed it very much……………………I want to continue it after SLC as well……….Can i take computer programming after SLC??..What can do in my future regarding this field?

    • Yes.

      Due to the immense amount of repetitive questions that I get, I’ve decided to close the comments thread on this article. If you want to ask me something, do the following things:

      1. First read through the previous answers to make sure nobody has asked the question before.
      2. Then send your question to [email protected].

      If it is a genuine question that I think I can answer properly, I shall add it here.

      • Saurav Khatiwada says:

        “Hello bro.
        Well I just passed slc and I have great desire to be computer engineer but iam confused. Can I study computer engineering if I study-

        Class 11



        Class 12


        Please help; I don’t have any idea of higher studies.

        • Hello Saurav,

          Firstly, if you are genuinely interested in pursuing Computer Engineering and have absolutely no intention to go into anything biology-related, then my advice to you is to dump Biology in grade 11 itself, opting instead for Computer Science. Biology will just be an additional burden for you. But even if you decide to study Biology in 11 for some reason, that’s okay too, because the syllabus for grade 11 Computer Science does not have much to offer at all (or at least it did not in my time).

          Secondly, the +2 subjects you mention here are absolutely fine for pursuing computer engineering. Just make sure you study everything on a conceptual level and also do some programming in your free time. Best of luck!