Check NTC ADSL Expiry Date Online

ntc2NTC ADSL is the most popular internet connection used in Nepal. The reasons for its popularity are its affordability and ease of connection without any hassle. However, what most people don’t know is you can check your NTC ADSL expiry date online.

Here’s the procedure to find out your NTC ADSL expiry date:

1. Find out your WSC ID:

Your WSC ID is your username as well as password while logging in to the NTC Billing and Customer Service site to check your ADSL status. This ID is in the form wsc_10xxxxxx. You can find it around the top of the receipt that you get when you pay your bill at an NTC office. If, instead, you pay your bill from your phone by dialing 1413, you can find out your WSC ID by calling the NTC office.

2. Log in to NTC Billing and Customer Care:

a. Go to .
b. Enter your WSC ID in both the User ID and Password.
c. Click the “Go To” button. (I have no idea why it’s called Go To instead of Log In or Sign In.)
d. You’ll see your ADSL details with Start Date, Expiry Date and Status.

…or do it via SMS:


You can also find out your NTC ADSL expiry date via SMS. To do this, simply send an SMS to 1400 in the following format:

ADSL<space>Your Number with area code 

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5 thoughts on “Check NTC ADSL Expiry Date Online

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  2. Gr8 job Mr Acharya….we are proud of you…your good work really help me to know about my adsl bill along with other NTC benifits…May God bless you.

  3. For those not sure about their login username and password but have access to the ADSL router:
    You can view your adsl username from the router page (usually accessible through
    If your adsl username is “adsl”, the wsc username is “wsc_”.

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