Assassin’s Creed III Liberation to be released this October:

Assassin's Creed III Cover

Assassination is going to begin this year like never before with Ubisoft’s latest Assassin’s Creed III set to be released around the last of October.

With the award winning predecessors behind, this new Assassin’s Creed is highly anticipated by the people all around the globe. The game will be focused on Connor Kenway, a half-English, half-Native, who seeks revenge against the European Colonists for destroying his home. The story of the game will revolve around Kenway’s 30 years long life.

The basic plot of the game sticks to those in the previous games in series, where Desmond Miles lives the lives of his ancestors via Animus in attempt to rescue their current home. Although the visual effects do not vary drastically from the previous games, the improvement made will definitely get the nod of appreciation from the players.

The game’s story is set between 1753 and 1783 representing 30 years of Kenway’s life. It represents the time before, during and after The American Revolution.

With the use of new and improved Anvil game engine, this game adds several new features such as dynamic weather and world effects. That means, the weather in the game will continually cycle and the world will be affected in various ways by it. It includes placement of enemy troops, mobility and speed of the characters and accessibility to various parts of the map as well. The engine also has an ability to render about 1000 soldiers at once.

Climbing Tree in Assassin's Creed IIIThe game will be played mostly on Frontier, an American wilderness located north-east. It holds the American Revolution War history. This country-side game play has led the developers to feature the most anticipated option to climb trees in the game (Yes. Assassin’s Creed players can finally climb trees and swing through branches.) Free-running like in previous games will involve new added features to swing across branches. Fast travel option from the older games is featured in this game also.

The combat in the game has been totally redesigned with new animations and new moves to give the players a dynamic combat experience. New weapons are added and cinematic assassinations can be performed not only with hidden blade but also with other weapons. Target locking system has been redesigned to automatic enemy selection tool to give the Assassin a new, effective and cool ways to kill enemies. The game adds some new features such as double-counters, multiple takedowns and chain kills.

The game also features new Animus 3.0 which allows the ancestor to gain experience (and level-up in some sense) upon 100% synch. Also synchronization during the game plays an important role in the game. While the player is on a combat, his health will not regenerate anyhow. The player must escape the combat and gain synchronization with the ancestor in order to refill the synch bar, like in Assassin’s Creed.

Hunting in Assassin's Creed IIIUnlike in previous games, players can now hunt and kill animals and use it to obtain resources which can be sold or used as desired.

The Assassin’s Creed III Liberation is set to hit Xbox and PS consoles on October 30-31 and PC on around the last week of December. Get yours and taste the ultimate assassination experience like never before.

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