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The internet service providers in Nepal do not, in general, provide a very good speed to cost ratio. They are either extremely costly or extremely slow. Especially for mobile phone users, the options are very limited. One could of course opt for NTC and be satisfied with a very modest speed for 3G, and absolutely abysmal speed for GPRS, nonetheless at an affordable cost. On the other end of the spectrum, one could opt for a normal Ncell GPRS/3G tariff and get blazing speeds, while watching their balance fly out the window at almost the same speed. At ITNepal however, we offer you an alternative to use the super-fast internet provided by Ncell at unbelievably low costs.

If used without any plans, Ncell charges Rs. 8 for every MB of data. As you can probably guess, this can very quickly drain your balance. However, Ncell also gives you an option of buying 3 MB data for Rs. 7 (including taxes). To buy 3 MB of data, all you have to do is SMS 3 MB to 9909.

Although noticeably cheaper, this plan can also prove straining on your balance if you surf the internet a lot. Moreover, it’s very difficult to keep track of the amount of data remaining when you are busy chatting with friends on Facebook. Once the 3 MB data ends, you are back to the monstrous Rs. 8 per MB plan. So, it’s possible to lose a lot of money due to the slightest carelessness. Plus, its validity is only 1 day, and if you have any data remaining, it disappears the next day.

However, there is a third alternative. Ncell also provides data SIMs that are primarily intended for use with PCs and laptops. The service is called Ncell Connect, and to use it you have to buy a data SIM and a data card to connect with your PC. The speeds are, of course, excellent (3.6 Mbps). However, if you love your money, we would advocate against using this data plan to connect to the internet on you PC. The data card alone costs about Rs. 3500 and the plans available are all expensive volume-based ones.

The way to use this plan cheaply is to buy only the Ncell connect data SIM (costs Rs. 99, and comes with a balance of Rs. 50) and use it on your cell phone. Then, you can buy a data plan for either 500 MB, 1 GB or 5 GB. For initial trial phase, we recommend purchasing the 500 MB package. It costs Rs. 450 (including taxes), and does not have a validity time associated with it. Hence, the cost is only 90 paisa per MB of data. This is obviously a lot cheaper than the Rs. 8 per MB on a normal mobile SIM, and is quite comparable to the prices provided by NTC. However, unlike the GPRS/3G service provided by NTC, the speed of the internet is extremely fast (especially if your phone has 3G capabilities).

You might be wondering why everyone hasn’t switched to a data SIM. The answer is that this SIM has a major drawback. You can’t make calls using it. However, you can send messages. So, if you have an extra cell phone lying around or an extra slot in your dual SIM phone, it’s definitely worth buying. If your phone supports packet data, it’s usable. Having used the speedy Ncell internet for quite a while now, we would say that this cheap Ncell data plan is definitely worth the investment.

A word of caution though: using this internet on your PC by connecting your phone by data cable (or setting up a hotspot on your smartphone) will cost a lot more than using the internet on the phone itself. This is because PC internet uses an exponentially greater amount of data than mobile internet.

Here’s the procedure to buy an Ncell connect data SIM:

  • Visit any of the Ncell centres with a passport size photo, a photocopy of your citizenship certificate and the original citizenship certificate for verification.
  • Fill out a simple form and buy only the data SIM for Rs. 99.
  • Purchase any data package : 500 MB(Rs. 399 without tax), 1000 MB (Rs. 699 without tax) or 5000 MB (Rs. 1999 without tax).
  • Insert the SIM card in your mobile phone and install the settings.
  • Dial *101# to see the amount of data remaining.
  • That’s it. Happy surfing!


81 thoughts on “How to use Ncell Internet at a Cheap Rate

  1. the manual i received after having bought ncell connect sim clearly mentions that all net packages have a limited time period of use ie 1 month. it contrasts with what is wriitten in this blog. is it some kind of ammendment made by ncell? i would be thankful for the answer.

    • Dear, bibek ncell does not provide data sim anymore. the sim they provide now a days with the ncell connect is a normal sim and not the data sim ..

  2. Actually, the time period is unlimited for this data package. I myself have been using it for months now, and it is working fine. Perhaps you are talking about some other package, or maybe it had a validity period before which has been removed now. In any case, you can be assured that the information provided here is correct to the best of our knowledge.

    ITNepal team

  3. Hi ncell

    I need data mb in my galaxy to active this plan.i need 500mb per month plz how to active this plan..plz i am waiting your mail…

    • Hi ncell

      I need data mb in my galaxy to active this plan.i need 500mb per month plz how to active this plan..plz i am waiting your mail…

      Gaurab Ghimire

    • Well, as we have mentioned, this is not something to be used as your only SIM. You can’t make calls using it. On the other hand, if you use 500 MB of data on the normal SIM in your phone, it will cost you a LOT more.

      So, here’s what you can do:
      1. Buy an Ncell Connect SIM. The process has been mentioned in the post.
      2. Get a 500 MB data plan.
      3. Either use it on a spare phone that you have, or get a simple cell phone for making calls, and use it on the Galaxy phone.

    • Yes, but you are going to have to buy the Ncell Connect device, and the plan becomes pretty expensive when you use it on your computer.

      • If you have a phone which supports USB tethering, then you can connect you phone with an USB cable and use the internet connection available in your phone. This saves your money for buying that Ncell connect device.

  4. If the balance of data sim is zero and u recharge it with rs.100 then what will be the charge of internet on data sim ?

    • Then, you are using the data SIM without any data package plans. So, the rate is Rs. 2 per MB (excluding taxes).

  5. I bought karbonn A30 smart phone. But when I insert my ncell and ntc sim cards on it, it doesnt show network where as other mobiles show full network. What should I do? I badly need some help plz…..

  6. dear brother; its quite helpful post that i read about the data plan of ncell. Finally i also going to by ncell data connect sim cause i need cheap data for my androids tablet without any time limitation. mainly i need a data sim card which have cheap data rate and not any time boundries. I dont need any calling feature in that sim cause there are 2 sim slot in my androids. but my question is (1) does we get this data conect card easily from ncell now a day.? (2) if i get this data card can i use it in my androids tablet’s sim slots to connect internet.?

    • Thank you for your positive feedback about our post. To answer your questions,

      1. Yes, you can get it in a single day if you follow the procedure mentioned above. The service is very prompt.

      2. Yes, if you have a 3G enabled tablet, you can definitely use this SIM to browse the internet.

    • dont buy ncell sim card from office they only give normal sim card card which have validity for using internet and also force u to buy i sugst u to buy from other public shop.they provide ncell data card which dont have validity and dont have to buy device for using internet

  7. As I studied the whole post, I have found that it’s very much cheaper and reliable for us. My questions are that:
    1. Can we buy an Ncell Connect SIM these days?
    2. Will it be useful for Andriod tablet?
    3. May i know the cost rate per MB when using this SIM in my tablet?

    • 1. Yes, I believe you can still buy the Ncell Connect SIM only, without the Ncell Connect device.

      2. Yes, you can use it on your android tablet, as long as your tablet supports a SIM card, and 3G internet.

      3. The cost per MB is the same irrespective of which device you use it on. When you buy 5 GB of data (which cost me Rs. 2500, including TAX, about a year ago), the rate becomes 50 paisa per MB.

    • Yes, this is not really cheap when you use it as your main internet service on your computer, or download a lot of stuff. The way to use it cheaply is to buy a data package, put the SIM in your phone and use it for browsing the internet or chatting with friends. If you use it like that, it becomes even cheaper than NTC 3G.

    • I think it’s still available. I haven’t been to the Ncell Centre in quite a while, so I’m not sure. I think we’ll post a new article about cool Ncell services soon. So, stay tuned!

      As mentioned in the article, you probably don’t want to use the data card for PC/Laptop, because of the high cost. The trick is to use it on your phone, and enjoy high speed internet at fairly cheap rate.

  8. I have data sim n a dual sim phone though I find data charges very costly. However, in india data charges are very less in comparision to Nepal.If we nepalese also get the similar services as in india, that will be more better. I wish companies like Airtel, vodafone and reliance start giving their services in Nepal .

    • You can do that. Just recharge the SIM by the normal process. It will cost you more, though. I think it’s around Rs.2 per MB. You should contact Ncell because the rates may have changed, or these particular data SIM plans may not be available anymore.

    • You can’t make calls using Ncell Connect SIM. It is meant for browsing the internet. So, you can get cheaper data plans on it. Please read the article for details.

    • Please note that we do not represent or are affiliated to Ncell Pvt. Limited in any way. Your question should be directed to an official representative of Ncell.

  9. Hello Ncell
    im using E7 nokia and only cellphone
    isnt that i cant buy but i dont wanna use 2 cellphone
    so how it would be posible to use data sim with package and make a call also
    im confuse why we need dual sim cellphone or need extra cellphone
    isnt that posible while we are using data sim ( with no calls facility ) and when we dont want then can it turn it to normal mode like calls and everything
    yes… I do surt all kinds of sites n apps and mostly i use whatsapp coz its fastest apps
    is it posible to use all sites and apps with the data sim or is ther any restriction for any particular sites and apps
    plz my question is short in view but it goes long
    sorry for that
    please answer me kindly
    coz im interested and really looking for and needed urgent
    im spending much on buyin mn package so
    thanking you

    • Please note that we do not represent or are affiliated to Ncell Pvt. Limited in any way. We are just bloggers trying to provide helpful technology tips to the public. Your question is a valid one and should be directed to an official representative of Ncell.

      That being said, the best advice we can give you would be to use NTC 3G on your device. At the time this post was written, NTC 3G had only moderate speed and Ncell Connect SIM was a lot better in terms of speed as well as cost. As things stand now, NTC 3G has improved significantly in terms of speed. Plus, you can make calls using it. So, you should probably switch to NTC 3G, which satisfies all your needs.

  10. Hey,
    1. Is there any difference between Ncell normal sim and data sim only in terms of speed?
    2. can we use data sim on mobile to use internet on pc as modem?
    if yes what will be the speed?
    pathetic, is it?

    • 1. No, I believe the difference is only in the cost.
      2. Yes, you can. The speed will probably be very pretty good nevertheless.

  11. ok..
    so if we buy 500mb how much time we can surf facebook on pc?
    don’t need exact but if you have experience approx will be enough.

    • nowaday every even small pages is more than 1 mb.
      checking mail will be around 5mb.
      until ncell gives unlimite plans it’s not good in my opinion.

      • I do not recommend using this SIM to connect to the internet on your PC (unless you’re in a “karodpati bau ko eklo choro” type of situation :D.) The trick is to use it on your phone which will end up costing you a lot less and giving you a very fast speed.

    • I do have experience with this, but I don’t think you’ll like it. Facebook is a pretty heavy site, which will take up a lot of data. You can indeed use the mobile site with images turned off, but what fun is that? Plus, you’d have to go through the trouble of making sure that nothing else on your PC is using any data. That would involve turning off Windows update, and exiting any other program running in the background, especially your anti-virus. My advice is: just don’t use this SIM to connect to the internet on your PC.

  12. Dear Ashish
    i read all your suggestions and you are doing such a good job brother, appreciated
    you make people feel more easier and comfortable with your suggestions
    i like your suggest in a fun way… ” crorepati bau ko eklo choro “.. Infact :)
    * yes, i should probably go for NTC 3G soon * and thankx for your kind useful tips
    brother, do you really suggest for anyother problems ( regarding cellphone network ) except this data sim matters??
    If than i would like to share my problems regarding cellphone networking in future
    thank you and have a nice day brother

    • Thank you for your positive feedback. We highly appreciate it. Please feel free to ask us any question you have. We will try our best to answer them.

  13. I have a suggestion to everyone who want to use Ncell Connect on your laptop without purchasing Ncell connect device which costs around Rs3500.

    If you have a phone which supports tethering then you can use your mobile phone (most smart have this in-built feature) as a wifi-hotspot. In this way you can connect multiple devices to your phone and use your mobile phone’s internet connection without having to buy the Ncell connect device.

  14. Dear Ashish
    in samsung galaxy GT s5301
    successfully activated security code ( high security ) with number and alphabet both
    ex – 23333cn ( 5 numbers and 2 letters ) xaktly da same i did it
    when i set the password with number and letters.. Done successfully
    the problem is i switched off and on again and needed to put the same password ( number with letter ) which already set
    the keyboard shown in screen and i can type numbers no problem with that but i can type only 1st letter but cant type next following letters
    ex – i need to put letter C but just can type A and cant follow to the letter C
    may be its simple but i tried a lots but i couldnt
    note – i did it successfully while i was setting password with differnt keyboard shown on but why i cant do the same with when i switched off and on again
    * the only problem is cant type letter C and N
    yes… I can type letter A and M ( the first letter ) but cant type the followin letters ( ABC ) i mean letter C
    * its never been keypad problem with mesg and in texting but only problem occurs wen i off and on
    hope u undrstnd my problem Ashish
    will you please kindly suggest me
    i will be very much thankful to you
    im hoping for the very positive response from you as soon as posible
    thankx a lot

  15. Dear Ashish
    sorry for that im the one who often ask you question
    sorry for your inconvinience
    like you said.. Feel free to ask you any quesion so im dare to ask again
    aahhh my PassWord matter already been solved and found the problem in keypad touch so its accomplished
    if you read my before problem and you feel not to answer them then iths ok
    if for other user convinience then would be a good idea
    Dear Ashish
    in my nokia E7, already installed apps like wechat watapps and skype
    can i access apps like VIBER and LINE in Nokia e7 ???
    Thankx brother
    looking for your positive response

  16. dear Ashish
    *i tried my best to download Viber n Line apps in my nokia E7 as per your suggest link but im unable to access
    *according to your link suggest for both apps
    yes there a display i can see it but couldnt find the download option
    showing download via PC
    * in nokia store not even showing apps download suggestion for both apps ( Viber and Line )
    * but with mobile9 link… Yes theres an easy option to download and i download Viber indeed but unfortunately its very low version and works for message only and i already deactivated Viber and theres no other Viber apps showing and thers no single apps showing for Line
    * somehow mobile9 site works for someother apps which i found different then the nokia store
    * this is all feedback for your suggest link but im delighted with your link suggest and it makes me easy to go direct to the site
    * if anyother you can suggest me, i will be thankful to you
    * have a good day brother

  17. I want to know how many minutes i can call on skype (with video and with video) by useing 1 mb. Because i want to use 500 mb data package.

    • I would seriously advise against it. Video chatting is quite data-consuming even at the lowest resolutions. So, using a volume-based internet connection, especially an expensive one like Ncell’s, for Skype video calling is quite comparable to burning actual wads of cash for warmth in the winter. :D

  18. Well, that’s great ncell internet but bit try to make its cheap or simple like as unlimited for one month …….if it’s possible for Ncell….. That’s it….Rsss

  19. Dear Aashish
    just heard about Ncell data unlimited package offer from FM Radio
    really feels good to heard the news regarding unlimited package offer
    if you have got any knowledge about this.. Can you plz explain me in brief brother
    i will be thankful to you for your consideration of my request
    have a good day brother

  20. I buy 1 gb unlimited net package! Bt i spend 1 GB and i couldnot download ani file so can i full speed unlimited data package! Plz reply

    • I am sorry, but I don’t understand your question. Why couldn’t you download any file within the 1 GB data pack? Do you mean to ask how long the data pack lasts if you don’t download much and only use it for surfing? Then, the answer is: If it’s on your PC, not as much as you think.

  21. I have bought a ncell data sim with a ncell modem ,but when i used it on my laptop opening “login facebook” all 37nrp disappear with one page ,what would you say about it???

    • I would say, “I told you not to use it on your computer; you didn’t listen!” ;)

      However, I do sympathize with you; I’ve been there too. The first time I used it on my computer I lost Rs. 70 due to my antivirus updating!

    • This article was written a long time ago. So, we can’t say for sure that it’s still available. Please visit your nearest Ncell Center to confirm it.

    • sab vanda thik ta wifi batai garda huncha. video call ma dherai data use hune va vaera 3G bata sakesamma nagardai ramro.

  22. मैले पुस महिनामा १० Mb Fb pack @ day रु 10.47 चार्जमा यो सुविधा लिएको थिए । हरेक दिन विहान १०.४७ काट्छ तर fb use garda mobile balance वाटै charge पनि काट्ने गरेर दोहोरो मार मा पार्दै आएको छ ।

    • नारायणजी, मैले Ncell को Facebook pack चलाएको त छैन, तर एसो कुरो बुझ्दा यो pack बाट Facebook मात्र चलाउन मिल्ने रहेछ, त्यो पनि Facebook को application बाट मात्रै| तपाईले यदि यो pack बाट अरु कुनै website चलाउनु भयो, अथवा Facebook को application बाहेक अरु कुनै browser बाट Facebook नै चलाउनु भयो भने पनि तपाइको balance बाट थप पैसा काट्ने रहेछ!

      थप जानकारीको लागि यहाँ जानुहोस्|

  23. Ma 1000 mb ko net sim use garchu but kina yo sabai area ma 3g network connections hudaina? Ki fix area ma matra 3g net chodeko ho? Yadi yesto ho vane hami bahira gairakhne lai problem huncha….so plz sabai area ma.3g connection chodnu paryo ncall…..

  24. 10 rs bhaya 1 min chalau da 10 rs nai sidddin6 ani 100rs bhaya pani 1 min chalauda 100 nai kat6 …..k chalunu ncell but ntc is better

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